Chateau De Laas Vue GaveChateau De Laas Vue Gave
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Get out more! You will in Béarn des Gaves, where there are outdoor experiences for all ages and tastes. 

Charming old villages, winding country lanes, emerald green rivers with cool, peaceful beaches…  our outdoors experience is what memories are made of.

Cycle the lush, rolling scenery, where every other hilltop rewards you with breathtaking views of the Pyrenees. Hike a stage of the St James of Compostela Way (we’re blessed with not one, but two routes, starting in Navarrenx and Sauveterre de Béarn.) Meander along signed footpaths and cycle paths to the sound of birdsong and the river.

Play a spot of of tennis or 18 holes of golf against a dramatic backdrop of the Pyrenees. Try your hand at fly fishing, in rivers renowned throughout France for Atlantic salmon and trout. Or, for something quite different, why not join the spectators at the fronton to watch Basque pelota? Our local sport is fast, furious and adrenaline-charged!