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Culture and heritage

Culture and heritage

Which Bearnese castle has Aubusson tapestries and Rubens paintings? What were Vauban’s sources of inspiration for Navarrenx? What are the crisp anecdotes gleaned from the ways of Santiago de Compostela? What does a talkative boar do in the history of the people of Salies?

In Béarn des Gaves, we cultivate ourselves while having fun! History comes to life around a tight alley, in the remains of a fortified castle, at the bottom of a crypt or in the corridors of an underground passage, under the arches of a Belle Epoque residence or in conversation improvised in Bearnese.

Open your eyes wide (and your ears!) And do not leave without having heard from Jeanne d’Albret, Eugénie de Montijo, Gaston Fébus, Francis Scott Fitzgerald … and of course the boar!