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Spa and wellbeing

In a warm atmosphere marked by the charisma and elegance of the Moorish style,
the “Les Bains de la Mude” thermal spa invites you to experience well-being and relaxation thanks to the unique virtues of Salies-de-Béarn thermal spring water.


A spa reputed for wellbeing

With its refined atmosphere, the Bains de la Mude is the place to go to top up your health and vitality in Béarn des gaves.
The wellbeing treatments and leisure activities are offered and organised by qualified experts. Hydrotherapists, beauticians, swimming instructors and sports coaches attend to you as soon as you arrive.

If you’re an athlete, you can work on your cardio-fitness and body shape in a fully equipped fitness and weight lifting area. Or why not take it further, and benefit from expert, personalised advice from a fitness coach?




Immerse yourself in the magic of the Bains de la Mude, and you’ll probably want to take out a season ticket! These waters are brimming with oligo-elements and anti-ageing virtues – an unbeatable source of wellness, with the promise of a more youthful you (no, really!)
Choose from half-day spa packages, themed programmes, à la carte treatments, whirlpool bath, mud treatments, jet shower and slimming shower, hydrojet, hammam, sauna, ionisation, Californian bath, seaweed wrap, massage or body sculpting, palper-rouler massage, lymph draining, Watermass – sculpting under affusion with a slimming and relaxing treatment combining thermal salt water and essential oils – facials and body treatments for women and men; and sports activities including cardio training, bodybuilding, aquagym, aquabiking, sports coaching, pilates and yoga.

The wellbeing offer is completed by a team of qualified experts in hypnotherapy, aqua-osteopathy, reflexology, Chinese energy, aesthetic medicine, naturopathy, psychotherapy, shiatsu and Thai massage – all reflecting today’s accent on prevention.



An allegorical journey for the senses

The ultimate temple to wellbeing, l’Escale Sensorielle takes you to a place that’s truly ‘somewhere else’:

The Natural Salt Crystal Grotto : a journey of wellbeing that leads you through a world of salt and thermal water. Three rooms call your senses into play using aromatherapy, chromotherapy and halotherapy.

The Dead Sea Lagoon : experience the sensation of drifting weightlessly, almost as if you’re floating in the air – and a relaxation that’s total.

The Blue Sun relaxation room completes the sensory journey.

What’s not to love? You’ll also appreciate the Thermal Spa being open 7 days a week, all year round !


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