© Un coucher de soleil depuis la guérite à Navarrenx. Au pied, on voit le pont du XIIIème siècle et le Gave d'Oloron. | Sébastien Arnouts

Béarn des Gaves' cities

Hungry for heritage ? Béarn des Gaves is steeped in history and framed by nature. Stroll our streets and step back centuries in time.
Hear tales of Viscounts, a precious black book kept under lock and key and a wild boar that talks…
Explore mighty ramparts and an underground crypt… Discover the fascinating secrets of a town called salt…
Salies de Béarn, Navarrenx, Sauveterre de Béarn – three towns whose colourful histories are written in stone.


A fortified town on the road to Compostela

The medieval fortress of Navarrenx is officially one of France’s loveliest villages. Explore the ramparts with their cannon, tunnels, military fountain and St Anthony’s Gate. Stroll through charming streets and squares, enjoy a drink in a café and muse on the town’s colourful past.


City of Salt and Thermal Spa

In Salies-de-Béarn, stroll through the flowery lanes or dive into a salt-making history that goes back 4,000 years. Admire medieval houses on stilts, the Belle-Epoque panels of the casino hall, visit the Moorish Thermal Spa and discover its precious thermal water.


A fortified village facing the Pyrenees

Enter the city of Sauveterre-de-Béarn and admire the Pyrenees in all their glory, before exploring the church and the Monréal Tower. Follow the path lined with bamboo and palm trees leading to the Bridge of the Legend, cross to the Ile de la Glère to admire the fortified walls of the medieval city.