Laàs, more than a town...

What do a principality, a museum, a chateau of enigmas and an escape castle have in common ?

Perhaps we should explain !

A strange principality in the Béarn…

In the early Middle Ages, Laàs quickly grew into a fiefdom. This village of farmers and artisans gained importance in the 12th century thanks to the pilgrimage of Saint James of Compostela. In 1610, Henri IV made it a baronetcy, and in 2014 the mayor proclaimed it … the Béarn’s first Principality !

Don’t be fooled by its size – this is no ordinary village! In the main square, sundials and signposts point the way to the world’s great cities, so you can orientate yourself in this international hub. There’s even a Laàs-Vegas Boulevard and a Chemin des Étoiles, with stars to honour the artists and celebrities who started out in the village.
And smack in the middle is a chateau with multiple personalities!

... and in the middle, a plural castle!


So much more than a museum !

The Serbat Museum invites you to travel back in time through a reconstituted aristocratic home of the 18th century.
The guided tour leads you through an outstanding collection of furniture and decorative arts, acquired in the 1940s and ‘50s by Louis and Madeleine Serbat, who wanted to recreate the golden age of French “art de vivre”.

From the music salon to the boudoir, from the dining room to Madame’s bedroom, you’ll discover a decor that’s perfectly created to evoke harmony. Original masterpieces by Rubens, Brueghel, Fragonard and Vigée-Lebrun are a testament to the taste of this art-loving couple.
Tapestries by the royal factories of les Gobelins and Aubusson adorn the walls, while ancient wood panelling is the magnificent backdrop for signature pieces of furniture (Jacob) and elegant sculptures.
The art of dining and entertaining also features prominently, with fine silverware, porcelain made in Sèvres, Paris and Tournai, and crystal by famous manufacturers such as Saint-Louis and Baccarat. Don’t miss the rare conversation piece in one of the bedrooms – the bed Napoleon in slept the day after the battle of Waterloo.

The gardens and estate continue the experience of gracious 18th century French living. The ticket includes access to the 12 hectare estate, which recently received recognition for its Remarkable Trees.


A chateau where you’re the hero

Once upon a time there was a chateau with a difference!
The Chateau de Laàs invites you to go on a life-sized adventure : discovering the park and the outbuildings of this 18th century chateau through a fun, educational treasure hunt that revolves around the famous Musketeers.

For around 3 hours, you’ll accompany Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan as they try to foil the plot to stop Louis XIV getting married in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. To succeed, you’ll need to muster skill, agility (at 6 metres high in treetop nets), powers of deduction and team spirit.
One for all, all for the Chateau des Énigmes!


Are you smart enough to escape in less than an hour?

An Escape Game in a chateau! Offering an even more immersive experience, Escape Castle is the first Escape Game that takes place in a chateau in the Pyrenées-Atlantiques.

The first Escape Room, “The Poudlaàs Sorcery School” casts you in the role of apprentice sorcerers as you apply to enter the prestigious Academy. Your challenge in the second room, “The Gentlemen Thieves”, is to perform a 19th century-style burglary.


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