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To park in Béarn des Gaves

All the towns in Béarn des Gaves have free car parks.

In Navarrenx


All car parks are free and without time limits. Details here :

  • the Forail car park is the biggest inside the city walls. It’s recommended for long stay parking (pilgrimage).
  • the Place des Casernes and the Place Darralde offer a limited number of extra spaces inside the city.
  • parking on the Rue Saint-Germain operates on an alternate week basis. It is often full.
  • free car parking is situated outside the town, on Avenue Orthez. A walkway offers rapid access to the town, with excellent views of the ramparts from the outside.



  • coaches and buses of all types may park along the ramparts in the Rue de la Batteuse.


In Salies-de-Béarn


Parking is free. However, all parking in the town centre is time-limited. You will need a blue disc, allowing you to park for 30 to 90 minutes maximum, depending on the location. For longer stays, we recommend :

  • the Casino car park, Avenue Gabriel Graner, with 300 spaces. Rarely full up except during the Fêtes du Sel in September.
  • the Place du Temple
  • the Place du Bignot


  • a parking area with 26 places is reserved for you. If (and only if) it is full, the municipal police tolerate parking on the Place du Bignot or in the Casino car park (1 campervan space only).


  • bike racks are available at 3 locations in the town: outside the Thermal Spa, in the Casino car park and in the Place du Bayaà. All are signposted.


  • The car park at the school of music, on Avenue de la Gare is reserved for you.

In Sauveterre-de-Béarn


All car parks are free and with no time limit. Details here :

  • The Place Royale is the largest and most central car park.
  • The Place de l’Église can accommodate up to 10 cars.
  • The Rue de l’Église offers several extra places.
  • The school car park is available outside school pick-up hours.


  • A parking area is reserved for campervans on Avenue Jean Récapet.


  • On the road to Salies, the area behind the school’s fronton pediment is reserved for coaches (outside school periods.)
  • In the Maison des Arts car park, on the D27.

Note, these details may not apply during public events.
Please contact us for further information.

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