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Activities for families

5 Fun outdoor activities for families

From exhilarating zip-wire rides to underground passageways, there’s no shortage of outings to keep kids amused.

The Chateau des Énigmes

Set in the splendid grounds of the Chateau de Laas, this swashbuckling adventure game is a winner with younger children. Only you and the four musketeers can foil the plot to stop the young king getting married in St Jean de Luz. You know the drill : it’s one for all and all for one!

Swoop over the river

Get an adrenaline rush on a 200m zip-wire ride over the Gave d’Oloron! Set in a fabulous forest setting, the Accrobranche treetop adventure park in Laas and Montfort offers vertiginous fun for the young and young-at-heart.

Geocaching good fun

Download the Terra Aventura app, and you’re off! Put your heads together to solve the clues, and uncover the hidden secrets of Salies-de-Bearn. This fun family geocaching game puts the pep into sightseeing – and there’s a badge for kids to collect or swap at the end.

A menagerie on the Pain de Sucre

It’s a pleasant uphill walk through varied woodland to the top of Salies de Béarn’s own Sugar Loaf Mountain. You’ll love the amazing toy-town view over red rooftops and the river Saleys. Little ones will enjoy spotting the animals in a park that’s also home to fallow deer, lamas, Vietnamese pigs and donkeys.

Navarrenx’s hidden defences

Kids love discovering the ramparts of Navarrenx, with their watchtowers, arrow slits and king-of-the-castle views. For a bonus of shivers and amazing echoes, take a torch and explore the atmospheric tunnels, passageways and powder store – if you dare!